Start of works to extend the car park between Llibertat Street and Avinguda del Nord

Monday, 18 May, 2020 - 13:15

This morning work began on the extension of the car park between Llibertat Street and Avenida del Norte. This is an initial phase consisting of the demolition of various buildings and facilities already owned by the City Council, which have been delayed because asbestos was found on the roof of the facilities. This work will make it possible to increase the number of parking spaces in this area.


The City Council hopes that once the work is complete, this area will be able to house the weekly market until it is possible to accommodate it in its usual place. The Mayor, Ana Sala, and the Counciller for Town Planning, Juan Manuel del Pino, visited the place this morning.


In 2018, the City Council agreed with most of the owners of the block delimited by the streets Llibertat, de Fora, Petit, La Fuente and Avenida del Norte to acquire the 2,029 m2 of land that will allow the development of the Plan de Reforma Interior (PRI) to reform this area located in the historic centre.


This PRI is included in the General Urban Development Plan of 1989, and the ultimate long-term objective is the creation of an underground public car park that will make the old town more dynamic, while preparing and restoring this area and creating a large landscaped square.