The City Council and Creama Calp launch a program for businesses to fight COVID19

Thursday, 7 May, 2020 - 12:00

Calp City Council, through its Council for Economic Development and Creama, is launching a series of informative webinars aimed at the Calp business community with the goal of providing information on health and hygiene measures related to Covid-19 to reactivate business activity.


This cycle started this week with two general sessions with Anecpla and Siggo. Tomorrow, Friday, at 16.00, the webinar "Reactivating activity in a safe way before COVID-19" is scheduled, led by Seve Signes, Siggo's manager.


Starting next week, special webinars will be launched for each industry. The industries that will be discussed next week are non-food companies, health/hygiene companies and services, and restaurants, bars and catering services.


Afterwards, the sectors offices, service and real estate companies, car, boat and repair workshops and food shops will be addressed.


The lectures are free of charge, but it is necessary to register with Creama-Calp by calling 96583.90.33 or by e-mailing