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Calpe intends to recruit 51 young people via the EMPUJU and EMCUJU programs.

Tuesday, 4 June, 2019 - 11:45

For the third consecutive year, the Calpe City Council is once again applying for recruitment programs for young people trained by local authorities. This program, run by Labora, is part of the Programa Operativo de Garantía Juvenil and aims to promote the integration of unemployed young people into working life. The young people are hired for 12 months.


The city council has already carried out a study on the technical needs and will publish the job profile of the demand for applications. The profile of the positions to be filled varies and is suitable both for young qualified people (EMCUJU program), 24 of whom will be recruited, and for those who do not have a specific qualification (EMPUJU program), 27 of whom will be recruited.


In the case of EMCUJU, very different profiles are requested, ranging from administrative technicians, architects, topographers or biologists to child educators, archive and library technicians and social workers. The profiles required by EMPUJU range from administrative assistants to delivery staff, cleaning staff or farmers.


In any case, all persons wishing to take part in this selection procedure must be registered both in the file of the National Youth Guarantee System in the territory of the Valencian Community and in Labora (formerly Servef). Labora will be the one that makes the generic offer and selects the candidates.


Currently 37 young people work in the city of Calpe thanks to the AVALEM Youth Guarantee Labora program, which aims to facilitate the employment of unemployed young people by offering them a job. In the EMCUJU modality, 16 young people work in different professions such as civil engineering, architecture, psychology, computer science, biology, socio-cultural animation or social work. In the EMPUJU modality there are 21 young people who will work as site managers, painters, gardeners, workers and administrative assistants.