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The Regional Government of Valencia has declared the "Mare de Déu de les Neus" and "Castell a la Mar" festivals to be of Provincial Interest for Tourism.

Wednesday, 29 May, 2019 - 14:00

Yesterday the DOGV that the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government) grants the title of Festivity of Provincial Tourist Interest the Mare de Déu de les Neus and its Castell a la Mar festivals.


The patron saint festivals in honour of the Mare de Déu de les Neus, which are celebrated in August, are one of the most traditional and popular celebrations in the municipality and are a further incentive for tourists and visitors who come to know the town. The festivities include, along with religious events such as the offering, the main mass and the procession in honour of the patron saint, a varied programme of musical shows and night parties, and above all "els bous al carrer" (bulls in the streets), undoubtedly the event that attracts the largest number of people throughout the week of celebration.


On the night of August 5th, the patron saint's day, the traditional "Castell a la Mar" is a spectacular fireworks display on Bol Beach, which has become one of the most eagerly awaited events in the programme in recent decades.


The uniqueness of the "Castell a la Mar", together with the mix of devotion and show typical of these festivals, has led to the appointment of the festival as a Festival of Provincial Interest.