Scholar of Calpe schools participate in a campaign to end sexist stereotypes

Friday, 12 April, 2019 - 10:30

Ending sexist stereotypes and preventing gender violence is the aim of the campaign in which all public schools in Calpe will participate throughout April and May.

The activities carried out vary according to the age of the children or adolescents. Thus, kids (3-6 years old) will participate on 15 and 16 April in a dramatised story for the promotion of equality and the prevention of gender violence.

The scholars of the last cycle of primary school (10- 12 years old) will take part in some workshops for the prevention of sexist attitudes, the promotion of egalitarian values and the prevention of gender violence at the end of April.

Finally, at IES Ifach, a programme for the prevention of sexual violence in adolescents aimed at 2nd year ESO will be carried out throughout the month of May.