Vicente Ferrández and Ramón López, new captains of the Calpe ‘Moors and Christians.’

Monday, 8 April, 2019 - 13:00

Calpe celebrated the Mid-Year Moors and Christians Festival, organized by the “Santíssim Crist de la Suor” Association of Moors and Christians to present the festival dignitaries of 2019 and bid farewell to those of 2018.

The Auditorium of the Casa de Cultura hosted the handover ceremony on Saturday, when José Angel Montaner and Irene Pastor, from the Filà of the Berbers, and Pedro Fluixà and Ana Monjo, from the Filà of the Mozarabs, bid farewell as, respectively, Captain and First Lady of the Christians and were replaced by the Captains of the Year 2019, Vicente Ferrández of the Filà Califach and Ramón López of the Filà of Corsair Sailors. They were accompanied by M.ª Carmen López, the Favourite, and, Eva Císcar, the First Lady.

This year, Jennifer Ortiz of the Filà of Mozarabs, who is taking over from Loli Navas of the Filà of Moriscos, will be the flag bearer of the Association of Moors and Christians. As for the Moorish and Christian flag attendants, Jaime González of Califach and Antonio Moll of the Corsair Sailors handed over the staff to Carlos Ferragut of the Templars and Gorka Rodríguez of the Almoravids.

Ignacio Seguí, President of the "Santíssim Crist de la Suor" Moros y Cristianos Association, congratulated the new dignitaries and thanked the retiring ones, highlighting the cohesion of all the participants for a