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Plan de mejora de las condiciones de las fachadas de los edificios (expcepto las agrupadas fuera del Casco urbano) de viviendas emplazadas en el Casco Antiguo.
Ayudas mediante la concesión de subvenciones del 10­15 % del presupuesto de las actuaciones a desarrollar y bonificación del 95% en el I.C.I.O
Si vives en el Casco Antiguo ya puedes solicitar las ayudas municipales para la rehabilitación de fachadas


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Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 09:45

Ten universities participate these days in the university sailing Spanish Championship taking part in the Calp's Club Náutico. The event, organised by the University of València and the Spanish Commitee for University Sports, has brought to Calp 61 persons, and 50 of them will participate in the competition.


Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 08:15

One of the main objectives of Calp's touristic sector for many years is to de-seasonalise the touristic season and to attract visitors all year long. The different actions of the Department of Tourism are so oriented and begin to bear fruit.


Wednesday, 10 May, 2017 - 13:30

The Town Council's plenary has approved the Plan Director Calp DTI, an ambitious project with the aim to turn Calp, in 5 years' time, in a touristic destination which is especially technological, but which goes even further, for the ultimate objective is to try to turn Calp in a more sustainable town through technology. This plan provides a continuity to the Touristic Promotion and Diversification approved in 2015 and to the investigation project on intelligent touristic destinations led by the University of Alicante for which Calp is a show destination.

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017 - 12:45

Calp's Town Council is expected to create an ordinance regulating the use of the town's touristic brand to guarantee that its usage is always associated to quality and competitiveness which distinguish Calp as a touristic destination and to avoid possible overuse or incorrect uses of said brand.


Tuesday, 9 May, 2017 - 11:30

The Municipal Public Library "Joanot Martorell” has organised for May several activities to promote reading aimed at the students of the different education centres in the town.


Friday, 5 May, 2017 - 13:00

The Association of Businessmen and Traders of Calp and the Department of Commerce presented yesterday the commercial campaign of May "¿Quién piensa en mi?" (Who thinks about me?) in a meeting with over sixty traders. The event featured the secreatry of Facpyme, Paco Rovira, the council members of Commerce, Ana Sala, and Tourism, Jan Van Parijs, and the President of AEMCO, Eduardo Garijo.


Friday, 5 May, 2017 - 11:30

Calp's Town Council has modified the bylaw on acoustic conditions to guarantee neighbours and tourists' resting hours during August. Even though the bylaw already ruled the use of heavy machinery and backhoes during summer season, the new bylaw forbids any kind of housing development, construction works or building works in urban plots for residential use between August 1st and August 31st.


Wednesday, 3 May, 2017 - 12:00

The 6th National Contest of Amateur Theatre "Antonio Ferrer, el cartero" has already started, the three plays to be performing during this month have been selected. The plays are "Aquí no paga nadie" by Darío Fo organised by the Grupo Teatral Almagra Teatro which will be performed on May 12th directed by Carolina Gutiérrez, "La llegada de los bárbaros" of Áriba Teatro by José Luis Alonso de Santos directed by Reyes Ruiz, to be performed on May 19th and "El eunuco" of Taules Teatro, with Jordi Sánchez and Pep Antón Gómez's version, directed by Joan Miquel Reig


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