10 new police officers have joined the local police staff as a support during the summer

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016 - 14:00

10 new provisional police officers have joined the local police staff to expand the service during the summer and strengthen watch in the promenades and control street selling. These officers, who also provide information, have been welcomed in the town council by the mayor, César Sánchez.


The summer officers have been selected after passing a series of physical tests and a written exam, and hiring them allows for the Beach and Promenade Surveillance Unit to start working, a task performed riding bikes in order to have access to pedestrian areas.


Three bikes will cover the coast, in addition to the officers on foot, to ensure safety at all times in the areas where the majority of the town visitors concentrate during these holiday months. This reinforcement is also aimed at avoiding thefts in the beach areas, but swimmers are advised to keep an eye on their belongings as well to avoid them.