Thursday, 22 January, 2015 - 15:00

To think of the Marina Alta as a whole –aside from the typical distinctions that inhabitants between different coastal and inland destinations – and project it to the outside world as a single entity: as a unique tourist destination. That is the challenge faced by the Sol de Invierno production team with their web series Wintersun, which premieres in Calp, and simultaneously in three more municipalities in the region. The Calp screening will take place on 26 January at 19:00 in the Saló Blau in the Casa de la Cultura Jaume Pastor i Fluixà.

The series, the first in a web format that has been entirely filmed in the region, has been made by the director from Denia, Luis Eduardo Pérez, who was behind the successful RTVV series ‘L'Alqueria Blanca’. Production took place over a year, with 11 days of filming in 35 different locations, of which 85% are natural exterior locations. “We are very satisfied with the results and we trust that the series will be very well received. We had an excellent team who did everything they could to make the best possible series”, explained the director. More than 200 people participated in the recording of the series, in order to create more than 100 minutes of content that will be shown on the website from next Monday onwards.

Wintersun tells the story of Jane, a woman from London who is burdened with negative preconceptions about the Mediterranean and its inhabitants in general. Her life takes a turn when she finds herself obliged travel to the rural inland area of the Marina Alta in order to attend a reading of her aunt Susan’s will. The series is filmed in three languages: Valencian, Spanish and English, as it is aimed at both Spanish and British audiences. According to statements from the producer: “Wintersun could be considered as a piece of strategic branding for the Costa Blanca”.

This is the reason why a large number of locations have been used: in order to promote the immense natural beauty of the Marina Alta, outside of our regional area, and emphasise its status as a high quality tourism destination at any time of the year. The first season of Wintersun had a budget of €50,000 and is comprised of five chapters, each of which lasts approximately 20 minutes. The project was supported by the Town Councils of Calp, Benissa, Dénia, Xàbia, Ondara, Parcent and Vall del Pop, the Cultural Community of the Marina Alta (MACMA), Estrella Damm, Amjasa and Pons Químicas, among others, as well as around 100 smaller private sponsors.

After its official presentation in the regional area, the series will be presented at FITUR on the 30th. The Sol de Invierno production team believe that “Wintersun will become a reference point for the Marina Alta on the national and international tourism market, and that it will continue over time to create awareness of the area and multiply the value of the touristic offer”. At the moment, contact is already underway to find financing for the second series.