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Wednesday, 5 November, 2014 - 09:45

The mayor of Calp, César Sánchez and the Director General of the Department for Youth, Marcos Sanchis, have signed Calp up to the Youth Card scheme (Carnet Jove), an agreement through which young people in the municipality can benefit from all of the benefits offered by the Generalitat’s “program for young people”.

As such, it is predicted that 4,500 young people from Calp will be able to receive discounts and bonuses for several cultural and sports activities, trips, study grants, cinemas and learning, amongst many other cultural and audio-visual related offers. The card is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 30 years old.

Moreover, by joining the Youth Card network, young people in Calp will benefit from a 20 percent discount in workshops and coursed organised by the Department for Youth and a ten percent discount on projects which the department collaborates with.

Currently, there are five local businesses who already provide discounts for Calp residents with the card, and 55 companies at a regional level.

All of the information regarding prize draws and special offers is published in the website, where discounts and prize draws to win tickets are constantly being launched for users of the Youth Card. The card can also be used in the rest of Spain and in over 40 European countries. A search tool on the website can be used to find any institutions which have joined the scheme.

Amongst the agreements signed up to between the Valencian Institute for Young People and Calp Town Council, there is also the provision of a youth hostel card, of which five varieties are available (youth, adult, family, youth group, and use abroad). This is aimed at making it easier to travel throughout the network of youth hostels, and even those abroad, for young people in Calp.

Likewise, Calp Town Council will also distribute cards for the International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) which provide discounts and benefits relating to transport, accommodation, museums, theatres, cinema and other services which are based around tourism, culture or business. The cards include the international student card (ISIC), the international teacher’s card (ITIC) and the international youth card (IYTC).