Ayudas al Comercio Local para hacer frente a los efectos del COVID19

The city council will allocate 1 million euros for those affected by the state of alert

Thursday, 26 March, 2020 - 15:15

Calp City Council has already prepared a package of measures to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus and the state of alert, and a budget amendment of EUR 1 million is being made to implement these measures.


The Mayor, Ana Sala, has announced that several lines of action will be put in place, firstly, emergency social measures that will be activated immediately and that will make it possible to take care of the most vulnerable people, that is, families at risk of exclusion, whose situation has been made worse by the state of alert.


Another action line is to help the commercial and self-employed, the driving force of the economy, to promote economic activity once the state of alert has ended. The aim is to promote economic recovery as quickly as possible.


In addition, a number of tax measures have been taken, such as the abolition or reduction of certain taxes, such as the occupation of public roads or markets, or the suspension of real estate tax (IBI). The City Council has agreed to suspend all payments and municipal taxes for the duration of the alert. Furthermore, the payment of the March bill for the Silene Kindergarten of Ifac has already been suspended.


According to the Mayor, "these are measures in favour of the people, but also of the companies and businesses that create jobs and that were forced to close with the state of alarm. These measures will make it possible to recover economic activity as quickly as possible and cushion the losses resulting from the closure of businesses”.