Aguas de Calpe (the water company) extends the payment term of water bills without surcharge

Thursday, 26 March, 2020 - 13:30

Aguas de Calpe, the company responsible for water supply and distribution, has approved a series of special measures in response to the alarm situation created by COVID-19, the first of which is to extend the payment deadline for those persons who are unable to pay their bills within the voluntary payment period without any kind of surcharge.

In addition, the social assistance rates of the current Aguas de Calpe Social and Humanitarian Responsibility Programme will be extremely adjusted to prevent the effects of the state of alert from exposing every citizen of Calp to the risk of social exclusion.

Aguas de Calpe Town Councilor and Managing Director, Juan Manuel del Pino, said that "the company, in coordination with the social services, has taken these measures to maintain a service as important as water. Aguas de Calpe has drawn up an emergency plan that will remain in force as long as the Spanish government maintains the state of alert, in order to avoid the risk of social exclusion of the most disadvantaged users. To this end, the payment deadline will be extended for as long as the need arises, without any penalty or overpayment".

In addition, Aguas de Calpe guarantees the quality and supply of water for consumption, treatment and sanitation in the municipality.