The city council agrees to allocate a part of the budget to the needs of the citizens.

Friday, 20 March, 2020 - 13:30

The Calp municipal government held its last personal meeting today. From now on, both the meetings and the plenary sessions will be held by video conference.


At today's board meeting, it was agreed that part of the budget will be used to strengthen the Department of Social Services to help all citizens in need. For the time being, more staff will be recruited in the Social Services Department. In addition, next Monday, 9 new members of the local police force of the last convocation of the human resources department will be

Commence duty.


Two vehicles will be purchased immediately for the social services and the local police; these two departments will be equipped with all the necessary material to continue to perform their duties safely.


It has also been agreed that the various municipal services will begin work on the call for help and subsidies for companies and businesses affected by the closure of the alarm.


The local police have reported that two complaints have been filed in recent days for failure to close premises, as well as two complaints to individuals who do not comply with the recommendation to stay in their homes. The Domingo Crespo Pavilion has been approved to house five homeless people.


Another decision taken today is to open the Citizens Advice Centre to the public for personal procedures, such as paper certificates and digital certificates, as the latter is essential for carrying out certain procedures with the administration.  The staff of this department is protected by a glass screen, among other things. The service will continue to be provided preferably by telephone and by appointment.


We will also take advantage of the fact that the municipal buildings are closed to carry out disinfection work by specialised companies.


As far as municipal procurement is concerned, the various municipal departments have been instructed to continue with the tendering procedures until personal activities and public meetings are required. Only this week, the Blue Zone contract was approved for the temporary one, but the rules provide for public and personal meetings at the opening of the tenders.


In addition, the city council will set up a telephone number for psychological help for those who need it. The mayor, Ana Sala, wanted to send a message of calm, noting that "all remaining funds will be used to help citizens, we will refrain from investing to help those who need it.