797 pupils of IES Ifac participate in workshops to promote equality and prevent gender-based violence

Thursday, 13 February, 2020 - 09:45

The City Councilor for Equality has launched a programme of workshops to promote equality and prevent gender-based violence, aimed at the students of the Ifac grammar school in the city.


The aim is to promote values and content related to the elimination of gender roles and stereotypes, violent behaviour, sexual harassment and gender-specific harassment, the prevention of sexual violence, micro-machism, new masculinity and femininity among adolescents and young people.


The initiative was launched in mid-January and will be extended for a further week. 797 students from the Gymnasium Ifac will participate in the workshops, 756 of them for compulsory secondary education and 41 for basic vocational training.


The ultimate goal of the programme is to raise awareness of the existing social reality and the changes we need to integrate into our daily lives so that everyone can build a more just and equal society.


Under the title "Calp, por los buenos tratos" (Calp for good treatment), last year the Equality Department of Calp City Council published a guide aimed primarily at teenagers to learn how to build healthy couple relationships and prevent gender-based violence. The document, produced by the State Pact against Gender Violence, served as a tool for these workshops held at the IES.


The guide addresses the myths of so-called romantic love and the close relationship it can have with gender-based violence in couple relationships. It describes relationship alternatives for building healthy and therefore egalitarian couples.