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The City Council renews the treatment against the pine processionary, but continues to recommend caution

Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 - 13:45

Calp has renewed the treatment against pine processionary, which takes place annually in November and is repeated in February for reinforcement.


Although there is no indication that the incidence of pine processionary will be greater than in other years, the City Council for the Environment recommends caution in pine forest areas. This caution should be extreme in the case of minors and dogs and avoid contact with the caterpillar at all times.


Processionaries are part of the Mediterranean ecosystem and in no case are they a pest, although they can cause problems when dealing with humans and animals. It is important to know the biological cycle of these caterpillars, because when they are in the ripening phase, they descend from the pine tree to bury themselves in the ground and pupate, transforming into a butterfly. This descent from the tree and crawling in a long line makes this caterpillar known as a processional moth.

In the area of the Mediterranean Arc, this process usually takes place during the months of February and March.