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The City Council Plenary approves provisional agreement on health transport

Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 - 09:30

The city council yesterday unanimously approved the government team's proposal to formalise a legal agreement on a provisional basis to resolve the precarious situation of health transport in Calp, although this is not the responsibility of the city council. This week, the Síndic de Greuges (Regional Government Ombudsman) himself requested a report from the regional Ministry of Health on the insecurity of the service.


However, this point triggered many discussions. For example, Defendamos Calpe's spokesperson, Paco Quiles, said that "the proposal is not very well elaborated" and referred to the criterion of population dispersion as a consequence of the urban model of recent years.


For his part, the spokesperson for Compromís, Ximo Perles, explained that "we do not share the delegation of competences because it does not go hand in hand with the delegation of financial resources". He also pointed out that the criterion of kilometres is not enough to measure the calculations of the duration of an ambulance.


The Socialist spokesperson, Santos Pastor, wanted to recall the conflict and accused the government of treating the issue with "alarming levity". Ciudadanos spokesperson, Juan Manuel del Pino, said that "in view of this problem, it seems right to turn to the regional ministry and give an account of the vulnerability we are in".


Finally, Mayor Ana Sala pointed out that "we have a current problem and the government team has been left alone. It would help us if they would vote for the agreement, which we will implement in full ... so that the citizens can see that their government and their opposition care about them.“


Report of the Treasury Department

In addition, the reports of the Treasury Department for the fourth quarter of 2019 were published, which show that the City Council has reduced the average payment period to its suppliers in the last quarter of 2019 to 3.03 days. This is the best figure since the start of the historical series, in the third quarter of 2014, as can be deduced from a report by the department.


The city needs an average of 3.03 days to pay its suppliers, not only meeting the default rules that oblige public administrations to pay in less than 30 days, but also reducing them significantly.


Approval of construction projects

The projects for the redesign of Benissa and Murillo streets, the rehabilitation of Carrer de Fora and the construction of Calle Alcalde Vicente Pastor were also approved with a total of 990,000 euros.


These are the projects of the strategy for sustainable and integrated urban development EDUSI "Revitaliza Calp", co-financed by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). These projects aim to improve the urban landscape, activate the old town and promote social integration.


In Murillo and Alcalde Vicente Pastor streets, the most innovative element is the installation of escalators and ramps to improve mobility and urban accessibility in the historic centre. It is precisely this aspect that has been most criticised by the opposition, which did not agree with the installation because of its cost and impracticality.


Carrer de la Pilota canopy


In yesterday's plenary session, the project for the roofing of the Carrer de la Pilota was also approved. The idea is to install a light roof on this sports field to protect it from the weather and make better use of the facilities.


The project, which costs 115,816 euros, includes the installation of a roof made of translucent polycarbonate panels and is subsidised by the Diputación Provincial.


Aguas de Calpe Renewal Fund


The actions of the Aguas de Calpe Renewal Fund for the year 2020 were also decided. Specifically, EUR 424,700 will be provided for the renewal of the lines in Cucarres, Pinarmar, Senieta, Gran Sol, Tossa and the renewal of the fibre cement network in Cometa III.


The opposition also expressed its displeasure that no member of the opposition representing the city government is a member of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of Aguas de Calpe.


Presence of local police personnel


Most members of the Calpe local police were present at yesterday's plenary session to protest against the abolition of the specific night shift, which leaves the officers who perform this service without compensation for the night shift.


The officials had hoped to speak at the plenary session, but the mayor declared that "we are in negotiations. Last Wednesday we had a meeting with the head of department and the unions; their demands are being examined and we are continuing open negotiations. We are asking for time". As the police staff could not intervene, they left the plenary room.