The Culture Counselor starts the annual children's theatre programme with 12 works and one workshop

Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 - 12:00

Next Saturday, the City´ Culture Counselor will begin a cycle of children's theatre entitled "Anem a l'Auditori", which will offer a theatre performance each month, the theme of which will coincide with a special day of the month. The free performances are intended to promote theatre among children and generate quality cultural content without leaving the municipality.

The cycle begins next Saturday, the 25th, with the "Días de nocilla y magia" by the Nacho Diago ensemble, which coincides with the Day of the Magician. This is a performance recommended by the Spanish Network of Theatres and Auditoriums, and on this occasion it will be organised jointly by the Culture Conselor and Youth, also as part of the "Family Day" programme.

On February 15th, coinciding with World Cancer Day, the show "Oscar, the sleeping child" by the El espejo Negro ensemble will be performed. This play, which has reached the final round of the XX Max Prize for Performing Arts 2017, is jointly organized by Culture and Youth Counselors as part of the "Family Day" program.

World Theatre Day will be celebrated on 21 March with "A la luna" by Voilà Producciones, a surprising show that brings together theatre and animated cinema, recommended by the Spanish network of theatres and auditoriums.

On April 11th, the play "Sinergia 3.0" by Compañía Nueveuno will be performed to mark World Circus Day. This is a contemporary circus performance that combines juggling techniques, manipulation of objects and dance.

On May 30th, World Family Day will be celebrated with "El viaje de Ulises" by the Ensemble Gorakada, a finalist in the Max Performing Arts Awards 2019.

In June, Toom Pack's music show "Reciclart School" is planned on the occasion of World Music Day. The instruments will be made from recycled materials.

In July, the International Friendship Day is celebrated, and for this purpose the City Council for Culture has organised the interactive show "Seu-te" by Acrobacia Mínima. This edition, like the one in August, moves to the Plaza de la Villa. In August, La Trócoa Circ presents "Potted" on the occasion of International Youth Day.

On September 27th, on the occasion of World Brotherhood Day, La Canica presents "Historia de un calcetín", a performance recommended by the Spanish Theatre and Auditorium Network. October is dedicated to World Cities Day with the show "The Dream of Jules Verne" by JM Gestión Teatral.

The International Day of Tolerance is celebrated in November with the play "Les 7 diferències" by El pont flotant, an integrative show that introduces children to other forms of existence through music, play and humour. This day is also organised jointly by the Culture and Youth Counselors as part of the "Family Day" programme.

And the programme culminates on 5 December with the "Adiós Peter Pan" by Festuc Teatre on the occasion of the International Volunteers' Day. This is a puppet and actor play that has won the Fetén 2019 Award and is a candidate for the Max Awards.

In addition, the "Anem a l'Auditori" programme is complemented by the free children's theatre workshop "El sueño de Laia" (Laia's Dream) for children aged 8 to 12. This workshop takes place every Monday from 3 February to 29 June from 17 to 18.30 in the Casa de Cultura.