The storm causes severe damage to the beaches and promenades

Monday, 20 January, 2020 - 14:30

The storm that hits the municipality at this time leaves a balance of considerable damage to beaches and promenades, especially on Fossa beach, where the waves have destroyed the wall of the promenade and reached the interior of the shops. The Les Basetes area has also been badly affected by the strong waves.

At Fossa beach, the sea water covered the entire area with sand and the waves tore down the walls and carried away benches, pavements and street furniture, destroying the tourist information stand. The urban quality brigades have already started to remove the rubble with shovels and trucks, and it is planned that this work will continue throughout the day.

The area of the Arenal beach has also been affected, although to a lesser extent a rock fall, a palm tree and the water have taken up part of the sandy area.

According to Mayor Ana Sala, it is still too early to quantify the expected damage and there are already plans to apply for the declaration of a disaster area. An emergency meeting was held at the end of the morning to determine the measures to be taken in the coming hours.

In addition to the damage to the promenades, a large number of damages was registered, such as falling facade elements, toppling trees, awnings, advertising posters, metal roofs and traffic signs. The sports facilities have also been affected, in the Domingo Crespo Pavilion slabs were cut off the roof and water has penetrated the Ifach Pavilion and the Pista Azul.

 Avenida Juan Carlos I, between the Calle Xàbia and Avenida Jaume I roundabouts, which leads to La Fossa Beach, has been closed to traffic. In the early morning, the Avenida Generalitat Valenciana and Rumanía were also closed, but traffic in this area has already resumed.

On the other hand, the Town Hall and the Red Cross of Calpe provide blankets, warm clothes and hot food for people who need it, and the Red Cross headquarters itself takes in people who have no place to sleep. Yesterday, classes were cancelled in all the community's educational centres, and today we are waiting for the weather to change to decide whether or not to cancel classes tomorrow.