The City Council presents the projects of the EDUSI strategy “Revitaliza Calpe”

Thursday, 16 January, 2020 - 12:00


The Calpe City Council has presented the projects that are integrated into the strategy of sustainable and integrated urban development EDUSI "Revitaliza Calpe", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.


The EDUSI strategy comprises different lines of action grouped in 4 strategic objectives. The first objective is to improve the accessibility and transparency of the municipal website and electronic administration and to develop Smarty City initiatives, ranging from the availability of sensor technology, the use of large data or the extension of the Wifi network throughout the municipality.


The second objective is to support the transition to a low carbon economy by developing measures to improve mobility and accessibility and implementing energy efficiency measures.


The protection of the environment and the promotion of resource efficiency with the recovery of green spaces and the improvement of the urban landscape are the axes of the third objective.


And the last objective promotes social inclusion and the fight against poverty through an activation plan for the old town, a commercial action plan, a social centre for people at risk of social exclusion or the 21st century tourism office.


The presentation of the different projects was given by the technical staff of the City Council and focused on the actions to be carried out in Calle Benissa, Carrer de Fora, and Calle Murillo and Calle Alcalde Vicente Pastor.


In these latter two streets, the most innovative element is the installation of escalators and ramps to improve mobility and urban accessibility in the old town of Calpe, especially for the elderly and people with mobility problems.


Another project is the installation of a new Wifi network with 120 points, 90 outdoors and 20 indoors. In this way, from now on all the municipal buildings and facilities, such as the House of Culture, the Civic Centre and the sports facilities, will be accessible via WiFi. The beaches of La Fossa, as well as the Arena-Bol and Cantal Roig beaches, will also be WiFi enabled from now on.


Another project that was presented is the 21st Century Tourism Office, which will be located in the old town centre, together with a project on the availability of sensor technology and data acquisition and processing allowing Calpe to be configured as an intelligent travel destination.


The Mayor of Calpe pointed out that "the EDUSI strategy is an ambitious project requiring an investment of 6 million euros, 50% of which is co-financed by the European Union's ERDF".