The City Councillor for Culture renovates the curtain of the auditorium

Monday, 30 December, 2019 - 11:30

The City Council for Culture replaced the curtain in the auditorium of the Casa de Cultura as well as other textile elements of the stage, which had not been renovated since the opening of the facility in 1999. For this purpose, a new stage was created based on scenography and fabrics for theatres, congress halls, auditoriums, etc. company was engaged. Moreover, the traditional red of the curtain was replaced by a deep blue one. The initiative cost 8,560.75 euros.


In the coming months, the painting of the parquet flooring and the amphitheatre in this room will be renewed in order to adapt the aesthetics to the new curtain and the seats that were renewed a few months ago.


This will continue the improvements in the auditorium of the Casa de Cultura, the most important theatre space in the municipality. Last year, the City Council for Culture invested a total of 107,391 euros in improving the auditorium by replacing the seats and railing at the top of the auditorium with a glass railing that improves safety and visibility. Other improvements were also made, such as the purchase of a mixing table and LED spotlights, furniture and new security systems.