The "filaes" of the Moros y Cristianos of Calpe recycle more than 27,400 glass containers during the festivities.

Thursday, 28 November, 2019 - 12:00

The "Reconquista of Glas" (in reference to the reconquest of Spain by the Christian armies against the Moorish occupiers), by Ecovidrio - the company that manages glass recycling in Spain in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana and the city of Calpe - has made it. Collect 7,200 kg of glass (equivalent to 27,400 glass containers) during the festivals of Moros y Cristianos.

On average, each member of Moros y Cristianos collected 9 kg of glass containers in the campaign containers. Calpe participates in this initiative in the category dolçaines (places with up to 950 participants in Moros y Cristianos festivals). The filá of the Contrabandistas won the raffle of the mini igloo and the pack of local products.

Today, representatives of the Asociació de Moros i Cristians and the Filà Contrabandistas took part in the award ceremony at the Town Hall. With this award Ecovidrio honours the

Efforts for more sustainable and environmentally friendly festivals.


Glass recycling in Calpe

According to the latest data available for 2018, the citizens of Calpe have recycled a total of 1,346,700 kilograms of waste glass containers. This means an average of 62.3 kilograms of recycled glass container waste per neighbour.

Calpe has an average of 96 inhabitants per container and currently has 225 igloos for glass container waste that are installed in the municipality.