Aguas de Calpe begins renovation of drinking water pipelines in Canuta de Ifach

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019 - 11:15

Aguas de Calpe starts this week with the renovation of the drinking water pipes in Canuta de Ifach. This work will accomplish several objectives: laying more than 2 kilometres of new pipelines, reducing and preventing leaks and failures in the network, improving the performance of the entire network, and reaching record levels throughout the province with more than 85%.

2,170 metres of new pipes will be installed, particularly 560 metres of ductile cast iron pipe 150 mm in diameter, 1,200 metres of polyethylene pipe 110 mm in diameter and 410 metres of polyethylene pipe 63 mm in diameter. For this purpose, 16 junctions for connections with the existing pipe network will be established. In addition, 70 house connections will be renewed. The estimated duration of the work is five months. The investment to be made amounts to € 215,634.23.

This work improves the quality of the service by ensuring the continuity of the service by eliminating the current sections of pipeline in private properties and optimising the supply conditions in terms of pressure and flow.

The works will also allow the rationalisation process of the urban distribution network to continue, as a total of 1,450 metres of pipes, mostly fibre cement, will be taken out of service.


The continuous pipe renewal process carried out by Aguas de Calpe is essential to ensure the sustainability of Calpe's supply system, as it is one of the main factors, together with the remote control system, the network sectorisation and the installation of intelligent household meters, which improve hydraulic efficiency and have enabled Calpe to exceed 85% efficiency.