Brexit has no influence on the tourist bookings for the next season.

Wednesday, 6 November, 2019 - 09:45

The city's Tourism Department, headed by Mayor Ana Sala and City Councillor Francisco Avargues, participate in the WTM of London. After the meeting with agents in the industry, it was noted that the Brexit does not affect the arrival of British tourists to Calpe for the next season.


Bookings in this market for next year will remain at last season's levels, and the main UK tour operators are confirming good expectations for 2020. In addition, the city continues to consolidate promotions in the UK and is planning the next visit to Calpe by some 400 UK travel agencies as part of a Jet2Com promotion.


The London fair has also confirmed the need to maintain the measures in the Scandinavian market and to strengthen the German market, which is a traditional market for Calpe alongside the British one.