Xarxa Salut and the City Council promote health in Calpe

Monday, 4 November, 2019 - 14:30

This morning a cycle of trainings courses of the city of Calpe in collaboration with Xarxa Salut of the Valencian Government was finished. The aim of the courses, which lasted one and a half months, was to promote health in the place.

More than 25 people from different departments, such as town planning, local police, social work, education, youth, social welfare, ... participate in these trainings with the aim of coordinating all services and serving the citizens.

Likewise, the City Council wants to include the variable of health promotion and healthy habits in all actions, measures and projects promoted by the City Council.

Representatives of other social institutions such as the Red Cross, Caritas Calpe, the Association against Cancer or the Association of Women for Equal Rights have also taken part in these courses.

The aim of this project was to draw up a map of existing health resources in Calpe and a map of needs that would make it possible to identify areas or fields in which health promotion efforts should be made.

In the months of October and November, a total of 4 20 hour courses were held, made possible by the support of the city of Calpe from the Conselleria de Sanitat de la Generalitat Valenciana for €2,500.

This measure is part of the IV Health Plan of the Valencian Community, promoted by the Valencian Generalitat and joined by the Calpe City Council in May 2018.

This IV Health Plan aims to create a common framework for action with examples of good practice and scientific knowledge to facilitate the development of the health perspective in all policy areas at local level.