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The Chairman of Grupo Anaya of donates books to the Casa de Cultura and the Calpe Municipal Library.

Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 - 11:15

José Manuel Gómez, President of Grupo Anaya, has been spending his summer holidays in Calpe for 44 years.

This year he took the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Calpe, Ana Sala, and donate books to the Casa de Cultura and the “Joanot Martorell “ Municipal Library.

Jose Manuel tells us what made him choose Calpe with his family as his destination for his summer holiday. "It was the beauty of La Fossa beach in 1992 and later, as the city grew rapidly, the ability of the inhabitants of Calpe to adapt to the new situation and, wherever possible, to preserve traditions and customs.

We asked him to recommend something to read this summer. He chose "The Two Faces of Truth" by M. Connelly and "Circe" by Madeline Miller. The second book describes the power of women in a world of men.

Born in Asturias, José Manuel developed his career in publishing and has been Chairman of Grupo Anaya since 1998. This year he is retiring and will have more time to enjoy our city. Here he owns several properties, and can thus cultivate his hobby, the reading.