The City Council for Gender Equality has issued a guide on the prevention of gender-based violence.

Monday, 12 August, 2019 - 12:45

“Calpe, por los buenos tratos" (Calpe, for a good relationship) is the title of a guide published by Calpe City Council, aimed primarily at young people to learn how to build healthy relationships and prevent violence against women.

The document deals with the myths of so-called romantic love and the close relationship it can have with gender-specific violence in relationships. Relationship alternatives are described in order to build healthy and thus egalitarian relationships.

500 copies were printed and distributed to educational centres and other places where young people normally stay: Punt Jove, City Library, etc. It will also be a tool for the workshops that will be organised by the City Council for Equality at IES Ifach next school year. The guide was produced at the expense of the State Pact on Gender Violence.