The bells of the Virgin of the Snow church return to the bell tower after its rehabilitation.

Tuesday, 9 April, 2019 - 14:15

This morning the four bells of the bell tower of the Virgin of the Snow Church were installed. They were removed in September for being restored and for the conditioning of the bell tower itself, which had several cracks. The bells have reverted to their original state by means of low-pressure sandblasting, carried out to clean them and maintain their engravings.


There are four bells, one dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary dating from 1857 and weighing 56 kilos; another dedicated to the Blessed Francisco Sendra, from 1949 and weighing 138 kilos; another one, also from 1949, weighing 91 kilos and dedicated to the Virgin of the Snow; and finally the bell dedicated to the Second Vatican Council, dated 1963 and weighing 308 kilos.


Over the next few days, various tests will be carried out to check that they are working correctly. The parish priest of the Virgin of the Snow, Miguel Ángel Marcos, has supervised the installation.