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Monday, 11 June, 2018 - 11:30

Calp has 75 housing estates in its municipal area, some of them dating from the 60s and 70s, with the consequent damage of its infrastructure. Therefore, the Town Council has prepared a plan for the conditioning of these areas that includes asphalting and lighting works.


The agenda of the plenary session of the Town Council on Friday included a budget modification that will set 2,394,961 Euros aside for a plan to asphalt the housing estates and improve the conditions of the pavement in 25 estates of the town.


The project will start this year although most of the works are scheduled for 2019 and contemplates acting in most of the housing estates depending on the needs and size of each area.


A few months ago the Town Council already allocated 211,850 Euros to the works of conditioning and patching of roads in 13 estates that were once affected by the storm in 2017.


In addition € 300,000 were allocated to improve street lighting in these areas. This is the second phase of a Plan for Lighting in Housing Estates that is already underway and affects 26 areas of Calp, and which will install in the coming months new solar streetlights in strategic points with both problems of lack of lighting and the need of road safety.


In this regard, the mayor César Sánchez has pointed out that "every corner of the farthest housing estate will be considered as the urban centre and the welfare of its residents is also our priority".