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Wednesday, 9 May, 2018 - 09:45

A new postmark of the so-called "Tourist" comes into operation in the post office of Calp dedicated to the Hermitage of Sant Joan de la Cometa, which last year celebrated its 3rd centenary, a building that continues with its social functions as long ago. This postmark comes to join the one that already exists in the Post office dedicated to the natural park Penyal d'Ifac.


This new postmark was an old demand that the Philatelic Association of Calp made last year but could not be undertaken on the occasion of the celebration of the III Centenary of the Hermitage, but in the words of the President of the of the Philatelic Association of Calp " the end the Post Office answered our request and the Hermitage is already a permanent part in the post of Calp...". And so it is, if we bear in mind that the use of this type of postmark is permanent, and with it thousands and thousands of letters and postcards will circulate around the world every day from the post office of Calp.


This postmark shows an image allusive to the bell tower of this historic and popular building, an image that was already the motif of the stamp issued on the occasion of the last edition of EXFICALP 2017 during the month of December in Calp.


The fact that a postmark of the Post Office is dedicated to the Hermitage of Sant Joan de la Cometa has also pleasantly surprised the Banyuls de La Cometa, a family with a direct connection to this rural area and which its current members have done so much like their ancestors to safeguard this historic, traditional, rural and typical enclave of the landscape of Calp. The Banyuls have enthusiastically said that "... from now on each letter that people send will transport a piece of the family, of our history, putting in value this part of the history of Calp ... ". The family wanted to thank all the effort to issue this postmark carried out by the Philatelic Association of Calp, as well as the Post Office of Calp and all the staff, who made it possible.


With this postmark, there are already 7 used throughout the region. Denia, Benissa, Calp, Teulada and Moraira are so far the offices that have opted to use illustrated postmarks for their port, contributing to make the region known, its traditions and its people, where a missive can be sent.