Thursday, 26 April, 2018 - 12:00

The IES Ifac de Calp will host tomorrow Friday the fair of academic and labour orientation "Orienta't", organized by the Town Council and aimed at all students but mainly at the groups of 4 ESO and Basic FP. The main objective of the fair is to advise and guide students on educational and employment opportunities available in the education system and the world of work.


The fair "Orienta't" is divided into two parts: one, where a group dynamic is developed, whose objective is to motivate the students and make them know in a playful way the educational system, all directed by counsellors, educational psychologists and pedagogues. And another part that consists of the orientation itself. The participants will freely go through the advice stands to request the information that they may consider appropriate.


This is the first time that Calp hosts a similar initiative that has been very well received by the school's management. Students can develop self-knowledge skills, become familiar with the world of work and make decisions about their training and professional future in a responsible manner.


The fair will involve private entities and professional groups; the Official School of Languages, Creama, Red Cross, IVAJ, UNED, the Official College of Architects, EDEM or EPA, the Ministry of Defence, the Local Police, National Police, Firemen and Civil Guard will also participate to offer information to the interested students in certain professional sectors. The organization is run by GRUPO TOT, a company specialized in coordinating this kind of events.