Friday, 20 April, 2018 - 13:00

Una breve mirada al budismo (A brief look at Buddhism) is the travel notebook in which Susana Catalá narrates her trip to Dharamsala, a city in northern India where Tibetan refugees live, and where the author volunteered at the centre for handicapped children and orphans Nyingtob Ling.


It is the first book published by this traveller, who has also written texts on other experiences of cooperation, which have not yet been published.


This travel notebook was born with the aim of raising funds for the Centre for disabled children and orphans Nyingtob Ling, in Norbulingka, although after losing contact with the centre, she decided to allocate the benefits to the Gargasindi Special School of Calp.


Catalá says that this centre in India was in a very bad condition to take care of the children; in spite of this, she assures that even with these difficulties, performing physical and psychological stimulation tasks with these children was "a very beautiful and grateful job".


In Una breve mirada al budismo she not only details her stay at the Nyingtob Ling centre (which means 'Strength of the heart'), but also describes a different way of travelling to traditional tourism. In addition, she talks about Buddhism, lamas, monasteries and the political context of the area. All this, structured in four chapters and a glossary.


This book can help us understand how life is like in an area where, according to the author, "Hindu and Buddhist cultures coexist in peace," a duality that is also present in her life, since she affirms that, despite being Christian, Buddhism has helped her a lot on her way. 


Una breve mirada al budismo can be purchased in Calp, at the Vázquez and Nou Art bookshops and at the Gargasindi Special School for the price of 10€.


The author wants to thank the collaboration of those who participate in this charitable project.