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Friday, 20 April, 2018 - 11:00

The Association of Moors and Christians "Santíssim Crist de la Suor" celebrates this weekend the events of the "Mig Any" that supposes the halfway mark of the festivities year and allows the presentation of the main representatives for 2018 and the farewell of those of the past year.


Thus, today the different "filaes" will have diner in the kábilas to start at 23:50 the "entraetes" that will go round different streets of the town from the Arco Iris Square. At the end, people can enjoy the night with a brass band in the Mosquit Square. 


On Saturday there will be the most important day of festivities. In the morning, at 12:30 a street parade will be held by the youth band of the Banda de Calp from the Mosquit Square. At 6:00 p.m. all the Moor and Christian groups will concentrate in the Arco Iris Park to start a parade to the Auditorium of the Cultural Centre. There will be at 19 hours the most popular event: the farewell and presentation of the main representatives for the 2017 and 2018 festivities.


This will be the moment when Aaron Garcia and Miranda Ferrer, members of the Filà Tuareg, and Francisco Penella and Ángela Pineda, from the Filà Contrabandistes will say goodbye as Moor Captain and Favourite and Christian Captain and First Lady respectively, to give way the Captains of 2018, José Angel Montaner from the Filà Berberiscos and Pere Fluixà from the Filà Mozárabes de Ifac, accompanied by the Favourite Irene Pastor, and the First Lady Anna Monjo.


Another of the most relevant representatives is the Standard-bearer of the Association of Moors and Christians that this year falls in Loli Navas, member of the Filà Moriscos, who will succeed M.ª del Mar Ribes, from the Filà Mascarats. As for the Moor and Christian Alféreces, Gorka Xamaní from Berberiscos, and Marcos Lozano from Mozárabes; they will give way to Jaime González from Califach, and Antonio Moll from Marins Corsaris.


As another innovation, during this ceremony the association will present a video undertaken by the Department of Image and Institutional Promotion of the Provincial Council last October on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the of Moors and Christians festivities. A video with which the Provincial Council initiates a series of programs on the festivities of the towns of the province that will be projected in the course of the ceremony of presentation of the festivities main representatives. 


On Sunday there will be children's games in the Conde de Altea Street and the traditional paella competition. In the afternoon the children's parade will be held.