Tuesday, 27 February, 2018 - 10:00

The plenary meeting of the Town Council of Calp has definitively approved the municipal budget for 2018 amounting to 39,566,875€. A total of 4,653,275€ will go to investments in the municipality.


The mayor of Calp, César Sánchez, has described the budget as "balanced, responsible, and committed to improving the quality of life of the citizens". It is a budget based on five pillars: employment, culture, sports, environment and education. In addition the budget allows to continue reducing municipal debt, goes into detail in the modernization of the municipality and according to Sanchez "allows us to continue working so that people come to Calp and generate employment 365 days a year".


Urban infrastructures

Among the projects included in the municipal accounts for 2018 it is important to point out some investments to improve different housing estates, as for instance 130,000€ allocated for the installation of LED lighting in housing estates, as well as investments for the conditioning and patching of roads and 140,000€ for the installation of mailboxes in estates.


It is also planned to repair the road surface in the Gabriel Miró Avenue, La Niña Street and Ifach Avenue, as well as the urbanization of the Manzanera Zone II with a budget of  107,300€ for this year and which will be financed 65% by Diputación Provincial.


J Road

The municipal budget for this year allocates 599,857 Euros for the consolidation of the J Road, which will be named Felipe VI. This road will allow moving traffic from the beach area to the national road without passing through the Ejércitos Españoles and Diputación avenues, and therefore decongest traffic in the urban area, especially the school zone, and facilitate access to the municipality.


New sports facilities

In sports, 50,000€ are allocated to lighting and ventilation of the Ifach Pavilion, 60,000€ to the expansion and improvement of sports facilities and 60,000€ for the creation of a new sports space that will be located next to the Botanical Garden.



Other investments in the culture centre are also planned, such as the repair and painting of the exterior façade of the building with a budget of 105,000 Euros and the replacement of the seats of the auditorium for which 91,505 Euros are set aside.


The Town Council also plans to undertake the fourth phase of the building of Puerto Santa María Street, for which 250,000 Euros are allocated.


Family and conciliation

Another remarkable investment is the installation of a toy library in the cultural centre in order to promote the conciliation in family life, for which a budget entry of 356,332 Euros is allocated. In addition, 40,000€ are allocated to launch a Family Program that aims to offer families leisure and entertainment alternatives one day a month.


Social politics

It is also important the chapter set aside for social policies to which 1,558,275 Euros are allocated, representing an increase of 44,675 Euros. The Town Council also plans to hire a new social worker.


Environment and heritage

This year 80,000 Euros will be allocated for the creation of a circuit of marked trails in the salt works, which will allow citizens to walk and enjoy this natural landscape. The investment also includes the regeneration of an area that once received demolition waste.


The budget also includes the hiring of a maintenance brigade in order to continuously carry out tasks of cleaning and conservation of the Baños de la Reina site.


Education / employment

The budget reissues financial aids for university education and transport for an amount of 105,000€.


60,000€ are allocated for the program of the Casanova Campus of Business Excellence, which will allow the launching of courses and training activities for entrepreneurs.



The government has planned two actions to promote the creation of parking in the municipality, on the one hand the creation of a parking area in Pla Senieta for which this year 140,000€  are allocated and the acquisition of land near the Historic Centre for this end.


Within the EDUSI plan, this year the project includes works in the Benissa, Murillo, carrer de Fòra and Vicente Pastor Streets, consisting of the regeneration of certain urban spaces through the recovery of green spaces.


The opposition has shown its disagreement because the allegations presented have not been accepted. The socialist group requested the reduction of the IBI tax and the reduction in a 25% of the garbage tax. Si se puede Calp has stressed that no investments are made in social housing and Compromís has noted that an unfair cadastral review is maintained.



After the plenary meeting to approve the budgets, a debate on the state of the town took place. The mayor César Sánchez compared the situation of the town in 2011 with the current one and pointed out that the municipal debt has been reduced by 50%. He also pointed out that the number of unemployed people seeking employment in the Servef has gone from 2.065 in January 2011 to 1.620 in January 2018.


Sánchez has emphasized the improvement in figures in terms of employment and infrastructures. He also exposed the government's priorities for 2018 focused on the diversification of tourism, improving infrastructure and investments in social policies.


At this point Ximo Perles, of Compromís, has highlighted that the reduction of the debt meant in 2011 the dismissal of public employees and the rise in taxes, also criticized the increase in building capacity in the PP4. The spokesman of the socialist group has stressed the need to review the PGOU and the municipal taxes.