Wednesday, 20 December, 2017 - 13:00

Early this morning, the Paternina Public School detected a strong smell and the school's staff decided to postpone the entrance of students to classrooms. The Department of Education has given notice to the Local Police and Firemen to check the origin and possible danger of these smells.


After the air measurements made by the Firemen, they concluded that the smell, although annoying, does not entail danger or toxicity. This smell comes from the rehabilitation of collectors that Aguas de Calpe is carrying in La Manzanera area. These works include the use of a resin that when heated with water gives off a strong smell that is in no case toxic.


The smell in the school has been concentrated in the classrooms of children since there are bathrooms inside that have been closed and without ventilation throughout the night; as a result, this morning there was a strong smell coming from the urinals. In order to ventilate the most affected classrooms, children's classes have been suspended and the school has recommended the parents to collect the children. The primary classes have not been affected.


The councillor for education, Pilar Cabrera, and the technicians of the department, as well as the councillor Manuel Cabrera, has moved to the centre to have a meeting with the headmistress of the centre, members of the Local Police and technicians of Aguas de Calpe. The Town Council sent a message of tranquillity to the school community since at no time the situation has been dangerous. In principle tomorrow the classes will be carried out normally.


On the other hand, Aguas de Calpe will finish these works tomorrow, Thursday, but they have already taken measures to avoid possible smells. The works consisted of the internal rehabilitation of La Manzanera collectors through the use of a polyester hosepipe impregnated with resin that hardens with hot water. This innovative technique prevents the opening of ditches on public roads.