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The Provincial Government starts with the revitalisation works at La Manzanera of Calp, where they will invest 469,000 euros

Friday, 21 April, 2017 - 15:00

The president of the Diputación de Alicante, César Sánchez, chaired this morning the signing of the reconsideration act which serves as a starting point for the revitalisation works at partida La Manzanera, Zone I of Calp, a project promoted by the provincial institution in collaboration with the Town Council in which they will invest 469,050 euros.


Sánchez pointed out that this is a very important event "for we are going to improve the quality of life and the wellbeing of the neighbours in an area where lots of people live and which is not in the best condition, especially regarding lighting and safety". He also added that "it is a quite attractive area from a cultural and architectonic point of view, with buildings that the Town Council wants to catalogue as Assets of Cultural Interest".


The council member for Plans of Improvement of Towns, Bernabé Cano, and the deputy mayor of Calp, Manuel J. Cabrera, are in charge of signing, with the experts, the reconsideration of the construction works, which are scheduled to last five months and will affect Zone I.


The project, a 65% of which is paid for the provincial institution with 304,882 euros, and the rest is paid by the town council itself, includes the adaptation of the sidewalks to the accessibility regulations, widening them to a minimum width of 1.5 metres, the sanitation of roads and the restoration of public lighting on the streets 1 and 7. In addition, two green areas located in zone 4 currently used as parking lots will be adapted. They will be defined with masonry walls and they will preinstall public lighting, the connection to the water networks for irrigation and some benches and bins.