Streets Llibertat, Major, La Font and Cervantes will be closed from Monday to replace the road surface

Friday, 31 March, 2017 - 14:00

Some of the streets in the Old Quarter of Calp will be closed to traffic next week to proceed with the repair and replacement works on the road surface on the crossroads between the streets Justicia and Llibertat. Specifically, the streets Llibertat, La Font, Major and Cervantes will be closed to traffic, for the restoration works will take part mainly in the Plaza de España.


The works will begin on Monday and will finish on Friday, so that all the events for Easter (Semana Santa) are not affected, for they run through the old quarter of the town.


In addition, there will be planned tests on the road surface at the Avenidas Ifach and Gabriel Miró and at the street La Niña. These are tests carried out prior restoration on the paving of the streets. These works will not require the traffic to be interrupted nor the roads to be closed and it is due to finish on Tuesday.